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October already!

Hello! Where has this year gone ? We've been super busy but also managed to find time to stop for a while and remember that living is about the journey not the destination!

To all of you who attended our summer courses thank you and we hope you all achieved your award if this was your final section to complete. Please do send photos of your celebration day, we would love to see and share them !

We are approaching our October course and looking forward to getting back in the groove.

The Autumn weather here is gorgeous, beautiful blue skies, orange foliage and the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot. You really see the seasons living here and we throughly enjoy all the changes they bring.

It seems our reputation as a cookery school is really growing, lots of new bookings for the 2024 courses, which is lovely, we are glad we took the plunge to automate the online booking system, it's much easier for everyone.

We've been working with the DofE for a decade now, it's been a lovely opportunity to meet so many young people. We are very thankful :)

Will write again soon, thanks for reading

The Season It Team

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